Donna S. Johnson


Learn How Marriage Works

Do you ever wonder how successful marriages work? This book provides real talk about marriage! It will explore truths that every wife or wife to be needs to know and consider. Many women want to get married but they have not considered what it means to be found as a good thing! I have been a career oriented woman from the beginning of my 2nd marriage of 34 years. I have made many mistakes , but I promised the Lord that if he would help me to be a good Christian wife, I would share with other women what that looks like. God kept his side of the agreement and so it is time now for me to share what God has taught me. This book starts at knowing yourself, deals with unrealistic expectations, the skill of forgiveness and the abundant blessing of having sex in marriage! So for you brave souls who are willing to receive some insight and are honestly seeking wisdom on how to have a happy and successful marriage, read on.


Marriage Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs is a major book of wisdom for life as a whole, how much more for the gift of the marriage covenant. Donna has shared insight the Holy spirit revealed into the wisdom specifically from a marriage perspective. This first edition devotional is highlighting a couple of scriptures in each chapter to reveal their practical applications. The format includes : The Wisdom Gained from the Scriptures, Practical Activities for the Day, Real Talk Points, and of course Prayer The Holy Spirit has the insight into how this wisdom can be applied to the union of marriage. Be a doer of the word and not a hearer only. This book helps you invest in the success of your marriage! My prayer is that you receive the revelations as words that come alive as you read, and so it begins.

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